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About Dalhayvin

I fell in love with Dalmatians after seeing the iconic Disney feature film '101 Dalmatians' as a kid. I owned my very first Dalmatian at 8 years of age. Whilst I experienced owning multiple breeds of dogs while growing up, I still held a soft spot for Dalmatians.

At 21 I was lucky enough to own two beautiful Dalmatian brothers from Carijlyte Dalmatians, my life was complete again. My boys were purchased as pets, as I had no interest in showing/breeding.

After 3 years my interest for improving the breed grew and I was offered the opportunity to own my very first show dog.

Kiera 'Ch Carijlyte Dancn Inth Moonlite' was my introduction to the show world. Soon after my amateur showing careering took off, I was addicted and couldn't get enough. Kiera was 17 months of age when she gained her Australian Champion title. Kiera is the foundation for Dalhayvin Dalmatians.

Dalhayvin is an ethical registered breeder that's recognised by the Australian National Kennel Club.

Members of Dogs West and the Non Sporting Dog Club of Western Australia.

If you're interested in adding a Dalmatian to your family as a companion, please contact us for more information. 

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